March 10th - 17th,

Always a CE meeting "not to miss." The entire VOS board is committed to making this meeting one you don't want to miss either. 

March 25th,

The avian orthopedics lab is focused on practical fracture repair and orthopedic injury management in birds. 

September 5th - 7th,

The AOVET North America Masters Course on Advanced Osteotomy – Small Animal focuses on various osteotomy techniques based on the CORA concepts and principles that are performed in small animal surgical practice. Topics that will be discussed include corrective osteotomy of angular limb deformity of the radius and ulna and femoral and tibial osteotomy for patellar luxation correction. 

September 14th - 17th,

IMEX® highly recommends this course to any veterinarian who desires to improve their fracture repair capabilities. The course is developed around external fixation, but the decision-making process learned in this course is applicable to any fracture repair modality. Participants come from a wide variety of skill and experience backgrounds and include veterinary students, general practitioners, surgical residents and even boarded surgeons. Regardless of background, all participants rate the course as being highly beneficial.

October 25th - 27th,

The ACVS Surgery Summit is more than learning surgical techniques. Excellence in all aspects of surgical case management is critical, and the ACVS Surgery Summit delivers what you need to know for your patients to thrive.

March 4th - 6th,

Among the most highly anticipated events in the veterinary community — the WVC is more than a conference, it has become an industry institution – a place where the best and brightest congregate for five days every year. It’s where the latest breakthroughs are announced, the most innovative techniques are shared, and lasting connections are made.