Trocar points on each end of a small diameter smooth pin - 6” or 9” lengths, except 0.028” x 5”. Diameters from 0.9mm to 1.6mm are available in 150mm and 230mm lengths. 0.7mm diameter available in 125mm lengths to easily differentiate from 0.9mm diameter k-wires. Sold in packages of 6. 


Part No.DiameterLengthApproximate MetricWires per PackMaterial
000280.028"5"0.7mm x 125mm6Stainless Steel
000350.035"6"0.9mm x 150mm6Stainless Steel
010350.035"9"0.9mm x 230mm 6Stainless Steel
000450.045"6"1.1mm x 150mm6Stainless Steel
010450.045"9"1.1mm x 230mm6Stainless Steel
010540.054" 9"1.4mm x 230mm 6Stainless Steel
000620.062"6"1.6mm x 150mm6Stainless Steel
010620.062"9"1.6mm x 230mm6Stainless Steel